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Factory Scheduled Maintenance in Oklahoma City, OK

Factory Recommended Maintenance

At Metric Motors in Oklahoma City, OK, we’re experts in providing the essential maintenance that your car’s manufacturer recommends. It’s important to follow these guidelines to keep your car in top condition, and that’s exactly what we specialize in.

Understanding Factory Recommended Maintenance

What is factory recommended maintenance? It’s a set of specific service tasks and checks that car manufacturers suggest for your vehicle. These are detailed in your car’s owner manual and are designed to ensure that all parts of your car are working well and are properly maintained.

Benefits of Adhering to Factory Maintenance Schedules

Sticking to these maintenance schedules has lots of advantages. It keeps your car running smoothly, can help prevent big, costly issues down the line, and ensures your car stays in good shape for a long time. Plus, if your car is under warranty, keeping up with scheduled maintenance is often necessary to keep that warranty valid. If your car is financed or purchased with cash, proper maintenance will help it maintain its value if you ever choose to resell the car.

Key Maintenance Services at Metric Motors in Oklahoma City, OK

Here at Metric Motors in Oklahoma City, OK, we offer a range of important maintenance services, just like your car’s manufacturer recommends. These include:

Oil Changes: Regular oil changes are vital for your engine’s health.

Fluid Flushes and Replacements: We replace old fluids in your car, like brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant.

Brake Inspections: We check your brakes to make sure they’re in top working order.

Tire Rotations and Alignments: This helps your tires wear evenly and improves your car’s handling.

Filter Replacements: We replace air and fuel filters to keep your engine clean.

Battery Checks: We make sure your battery is in good shape and won’t let you down.

We handle each of these tasks carefully, knowing how important they are for your car.

The Impact of Maintenance on Vehicle Safety and Efficiency

Regular maintenance has a big impact on both the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. A well-maintained car not only uses fuel more efficiently but also offers more reliable performance. It’s less likely to have problems on the road, which means a safer driving experience for you.

For example, maintaining your vehicle’s brake pads and brake fluids reduces the chances of a brake failure. This means you’ll be safe, even if you have to slam the brakes due to someone’s reckless driving.

Choose Metric Motors to Schedule Your Next Factory Scheduled Maintenance Task in Oklahoma City, OK

When it’s time for your next maintenance check, bring your vehicle to Metric Motors. We pride ourselves on providing expert service that aligns with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Our skilled team is committed to ensuring your car is in the best possible condition. Contact us at Metric Motors in Oklahoma City, OK, to schedule your maintenance appointment and experience the peace of mind that comes with professional, reliable service.

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