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Shocks & Struts in Edmond, OK

Shocks & Struts

Welcome to Metric Motors in Edmond, OK, where our expert team is ready to take care of your vehicle’s suspension needs, specifically focusing on shocks and struts. We understand that these components are crucial for a smooth and safe driving experience. That’s why we offer comprehensive services to ensure your vehicle’s suspension system is in top condition.

Understanding Shocks and Struts and Their Role in the Suspension System

Shocks and struts are key parts of your vehicle suspension. They work to absorb the impact of road irregularities, providing a smoother ride. The strut is a structural part of the suspension system, often housing the coil spring, which supports the weight of the vehicle.

The shock absorbers, or simply shocks, help control the impact and rebound movement of your vehicle’s springs and suspension. Together, they ensure your vehicle handles well on the road, enhancing safety and comfort.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Shocks & Struts Service

Recognizing when your vehicle needs shocks and struts service is crucial. Here are some signs to watch out for:

Rough Ride: If you start feeling every bump in the road, it might be due to worn shocks or struts.

Vehicle Dipping or Swerving: When stopping or making turns, if your vehicle dips forward or swerves, this could be a sign.

Uneven Tire Wear: Worn shocks and struts can lead to uneven tire wear.

Leaking Fluid: Fluid leaking from the shock absorbers is a clear indicator that needs to be checked.

Shocks & Struts Services Offered in Edmond, OK at Metric Motors

At Metric Motors in Edmond, OK, we offer a range of services for your shocks and struts to ensure your vehicle runs safely:

Inspection: Our team will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s shocks, struts, and suspension system.

Replacement Services: We provide top-notch replacement services for worn shocks and struts, using quality parts for longevity and performance.

Repair Services: If possible, we will repair your existing shocks and struts to their optimal condition.

More than just servicing shocks & struts, we do all kinds of suspension service and repair. If any part of your suspension needs care, feel free to contact our shop and book an appointment. Our advisors would love to go over our different services with you.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Shocks and Struts

Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s shocks and struts is essential for several reasons:

Safety: Well-maintained shocks and struts contribute to better vehicle handling and shorter braking distances.

Comfort: Regular maintenance ensures a smoother ride, as the suspension system can effectively absorb road bumps.

Vehicle Longevity: Properly functioning shocks and struts reduce wear on other vehicle parts, extending the overall lifespan of your vehicle.

Choose Metric Motors for Your Suspension Needs in Edmond, OK

When it comes to servicing the different components of your vehicle’s suspension, Metric Motors in Edmond, OK, is the place to go. Here’s why:

Expertise: Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in dealing with all types of suspension systems.

Quality Service: We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure your vehicle suspension system is in perfect condition.

Customer Satisfaction: At Metric Motors, we prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring you understand every aspect of the service provided.

Local Convenience: Located conveniently in Edmond, OK, we are your go-to local experts for all your vehicle suspension needs.

For top-quality suspension services in Edmond, OK, trust Metric Motors. Whether it’s a front strut replacement or addressing worn shocks, our team is equipped to handle all your needs. Contact us today to ensure your vehicle’s suspension system is in the best hands!

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